Your Client Integration team will work with you to develop customized solutions for an efficient and seamless transition to Donlen.

With a solid starting point, we will create a plan that ensures a seamless change for you, your drivers, and your business.

Our transition team, lead by a dedicated Client Integration Consultant, will work with you to:

  • Ensure that each Donlen program meets your fleet management and operational goals.
  • Familiarize your appropriate team members with all of Donlen’s procedures and processes.
  • Gather requirements, project needs, and document an overall project schedule.
  • Gather all required information, select and coordinate other Donlen team members.
  • Plan and ensure the entire set-up process is smooth and seamless.
  • Create a detailed communication plan.
  • Coordinate and plan every aspect of your day-to-day operation utilizing a dedicated point of contact for all communication.
  • Provide comprehensive one-on-one training on all Donlen systems including FleetWeb®.
  • Conduct DonlenDriver webinars for your drivers on the products & services.
  • Provide a highly personalized overview of fleet performance for cost control, fleet optimization, and overall lifecycle recommendations.
  • Review current fleet policies and procedures and prepare recommendations for improvement.
  • Create and maintain a Risk Analysis throughout the transition process.
  • Review of all current fleet vehicles.
  • Conduct organizational change analysis and management planning.

Accessed through FleetWeb®, CARE gives you access to real-time status on all requests.

Customer Satisfaction

Bar-Image-CAREDonlen’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in our annual survey results. 97% of respondents said they were satisfied to extremely satisfied with our performance.

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