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Mobile apps

DonlenDriver Mobile seamlessly exchanges data in real-time with DonlenDriver. Our mobile app makes it easy for your drivers to find preferred vendor locations as well as fueling locations, reach our contact center, and access the tools they need.

Business and Personal Use (Taxable Benefit)

Our simple and automated B&P Taxable Benefit program is available via DonlenDriver® and DonlenDriver® Mobile, and gives you and your drivers a convenient way to track personal use. Our program is compliant with the Canada Revenue Agency’s requirements so you can stay in compliance with government rules. Additionally, you can download annual reports that contain important tax information.


Our unique eCoupon solution sends notifications straight to your drivers’ smartphone or tablet to help you reduce your fleet’s maintenance costs and minimize the risk of costly events like breakdowns and blowouts. Donlen customers who have implemented eCoupon have seen a 7% increase in preventative maintenance (PM) compliance. PM reminders can be sent in both English and French.

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