Global Fleet Solutions

Donlen’s global reach is the largest amongst all fleet management companies. With operations in 144 countries, our global coverage allows you to receive regional expertise around the world through Donlen’s international network.

North American Solutions

Headquartered in the U.S. and Canada, Donlen stays up to date with local, provincial, and national laws and regulations so your fleet stays compliant.

Bilingual industry experts are available to assist your drivers 24/7. Additionally, our fleet management platform, FleetWeb, tracks and analyzes all of your fleet’s data in real time, helping you stay in control and providing you with valuable insights regarding your North American fleet.

Global Strategic Fleet Partners

Donlen’s reach extends beyond the borders of North America. Through Hertz’s global footprint and strategic partnerships, we provide global fleet management solutions, long-term rentals, and local expertise in 144 countries around the world.

By partnering with some of the world’s premier fleet management companies, we are able to seamlessly integrate our services within your global fleet needs. Through our extensive global partnerships, we provide expert management to suit the needs of international fleets, including:

  • Regional fleet experts help you navigate through the differences within a local region, providing insights that help develop best-in-class fleet programs.
  • Local account management provides expertise to help you adapt to local rules and regulations, and ensure that drivers are using the right services for their individual regions.
  • Reporting on your global fleet data through our award-winning FleetWeb platform.


We have partnered with a number of companies to provide comprehensive programs in key markets, including:

FleetPlus is a leading fleet management, leasing and salary packaging company in Australia and New Zealand, currently managing assets across more that 300+ Corporate and Government customers from all business sectors. Established in 2001, FleetPlus is an integral part of the Eclipx Group, an established leader in vehicle fleet leasing, fleet management, and diversified financial services which has more than 100,000 vehicles under management.

Hertz Lease is present in countries throughout the world. Our strong franchise partners offer a range of specialized full service leasing services that are uniquely tailored to the country of operation.

Athlon is a leading European mobility provider with more than 50 years of experience. Athlon is a member of the Daimler Financial Services global network. Athlon’s mission is to supply the very best vehicle leasing and mobility solutions to meet its customers’ continuously changing needs. As well as offices in the Netherlands, Athlon has ten offices in Europe.

BanRegio Financial Group is among the five largest leasing companies in Mexico, with more than 15 years of experience and a nationwide presence with more than 100 branches. BanRegio was founded in 1994 and finances and manages more than 60,000 vehicles across Mexico.

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