Volkswagen (Build Out Final Order Start Up Dates)

Last Updated:8/30/21
Bold indicates latest update. Letter after date corresponds to main category.


MODELManufacturing LocationMY21 Order Banks CLOSED 1MY21 End of Production1MY22 Order Banks OPEN1MY22 Start of Production1MY22 Order Banks CLOSED1
Taos FWDPuebla, MexicoN/AN/A10/20/2002/08/21TBD
Taos AWDPuebla, MexicoN/AN/A02/08/2105/03/21TBD
GTIEmden, Germany09/01/20Ended08/09/2110/04/21TBD
TiguanPuebla, Mexico05/03/2107/12/2105/10/218/16/21TBD
PassatChattanooga, TN - USA05/10/2107/19/2105/17/218/9/21 9/1/21
Atlas 2.0LChattanooga, TN - USA05/24/2108/02/2105/31/219/6/21TBD
Atlas V6Chattanooga, TN - USA05/24/2108/02/2105/31/219/6/21TBD
Atlas Cross Sport 2.0LChattanooga, TN - USA05/24/2108/02/2105/31/219/6/21TBD
Atlas Cross Sport V6Chattanooga, TN - USA05/24/2108/02/2105/31/219/6/21TBD
Jetta incl. GLIPuebla, Mexico07/05/2109/13/2107/12/2111/1/21TBD
ArteonEmden, Germany07/05/2109/13/2107/12/2110/11/21TBD
MY22 ID.4 Pro / Pro S FWDZwickau, GermanyN/AN/ATBD12/20/21TBD
MY22 ID.4 Pro / Pro S AWDZwickau, GermanyN/AN/ATBD12/20/21TBD
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1. All dates are estimated and subject to change.

Per VW:  Production on all MY21 carlines continues to be delayed due to the global microchip shortage.  Please expect delays, and order to delivery times possibly 150+ days.

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